UNIQ – Falling in Love (English Ver.)

☼ 1st digital single: The First Digital Single `Falling in Love` ☼
01. Falling in Love
02. Born to Fight


Falling in Love (English Ver.)

Every time I see you looking at me
I’d been hoping you are feeling that spark
’cause I need to know you feel the same thing

But how do I say?
How do I say, girl?

And I wanna just a little more time
I’ve been dreaming, girl, of making you mine
I’ve been thinking how I wanna come clean

But how do I say?
How do I say?

*I’m falling in love
You got me falling in love
but I’m just nervous, babe
Why can’t I see you?
Baby I want you
I just want to scream I’m falling in love-love
I just want to scream I’m falling in love*

I take full ride, no cruise control
Hands up, Imma scream, don’t lose control
’cause I like it when you smile and it’s never been my type of style uh
Just maybe, think about if you wanna be my lady
Think about all your love and my kiss and the heart stops there
I will go crazy because

I can feel every word but they just won’t come
If I could I would sing at the top of my lungs
It’s a pain I can’t ignore
I cannot hold back anymore

But how do I say?
How do I say?


Baby, don’t walk away from me (If I told you…)
(‘Cause I need you)
’cause I need your touch and I need your love
And I know it’s harder to see but you are the
only thing that I’ve been thinking of
‘Cause you lift me off of my feet and I don’t ever wanna come down
Just right, hold me up all night ’cause your love’s so right
and we never gonna slow down, that’s right
(Or baby, would you just walk away?)

Would you think I’m crazy? (I’m falling so hard)
I could never be in love (I’m falling so hard)
I’ll admit I’m afraid; I’m falling in love



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